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2016 Health Insurance Rates by Rating Area

On October 15, the Insurance Department announced the approved rates for health insurance plans to be offered in 2016. For more information about rates and the rate review process, please read our Consumer Guide to Health Insurance Rates and Rate Review.

In order to better understand the health insurance landscape in the state and options available to consumers in various regions of the state, the department has put together a series of charts that show current 2015 premiums for the various plan options for different people across the state and how the approved rates would affect premiums available in the market. For more information on approved rates, visit our health insurance rates page. 

Marketplace open enrollment begins on November 1, 2015. We encourage all consumers currently enrolled in a Marketplace plan to return to shop on the Marketplace to ensure that they have the best plan for themselves and their families. We will post additional comparative information once final rates have been approved, and hope that this information is a valuable tool to consumers in evaluating the options available on the Marketplace.


Rating area charts are below, but before you review them, please remember the following:

  • Premiums are not the same for everyone. A premium is the actual amount an individual or family will pay each month for health insurance. Premiums are based off of rates because insurance companies can vary premiums, to a limited degree, by where you live, your age, how many family members are covered, and whether or not you use tobacco. Each of these charts provides rates based on specific factors, including geographic area. Your rates may vary, to a limited degree, from those shown in the charts if you are a different age or if you use tobacco.
  • If you are receiving a subsidy through the Marketplace, that subsidy may change to reflect changes in rates. Subsidies are based on the cost of the second lowest cost silver plan available through the Marketplace. If that second lowest cost silver plan premium changes, the subsidy will change accordingly. For example, if the premium of the second lowest cost silver plan in 2016 is higher than it was in 2015, you will receive a higher subsidy.
  • Make sure you understand if and how your health insurance is changing. Before open enrollment begins, your insurance company will contact you to let you know if there are any changes to your current plan. Make sure you understand any such changes, and remember you can always explore your options or choose a new plan on the Marketplace.

As mentioned, premiums can vary by geographic area. For the purposes of health insurance rates, Pennsylvania has been divided into nine rating areas and there is an individual chart below for each of those nine rating areas. To see which rating area you live in, please view the rating area map below:

Map with numbers.png
To view premiums for 2016 and how they compare to premiums from 2015 for specific insurance companies offering plans in the rating area where you live, please click the link for your rating area: