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​2006 Assessment Rating - 29%


New Assessment Payment Option Available


Mcare is pleased to announce it will accept assessment payments through an electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment process, effective immediately.  The EFT may be an ACH or wire transfer.  The EFT process provides primary insurers with alternative payment methods, in addition to paper checks.  We strongly recommend the use of EFTs when payments are made.  


To learn more about this new payment option and the minimum standards, please send an email to Mcare’s Fiscal Unit at expressing your interest.  We will have an Mcare representative call you to explain the program.   We thank you in advance for considering Mcare's preferred method of payment.

2006 Assessment Manual  v 2 Published 6.18.2014 

Cancellations and Endorsements: Update of the exceptions to the no credit rule as found on page 8. 
This manual is intended to provide guidance and clarify procedures with regards to calculating the 2006 Mcare assessment, including abatement-related information. Although the 2006 Assessment Manual should be read thoroughly in order to understand the entire assessment calculation process, please take note of some particular additions, changes or clarifications relating to the following:
Exhibit 1 Rates for 2006 Individual Health Care Providers
Changes to Classification and Territories | Requirements for Mid-Term Endorsements to Corporations | Clarified Definition of Locum Tenens | Clarified reporting procedures for Endorsements, Cancellations, and Corrections on the e-216 | Clarified reporting procedures for bifurcated policies on Form e-216 | Requirements for Form 316 (Non-participating Health Care Provider)
Act 88 of 2005 extends the Abatement Program to include 2006 and, for the first time, nursing homes will be eligible to apply for a 50% abatement for 2006.

Please refer to the 2006 Assessment Manual for tail rating information.

Electronic Remittance Advice Form e-216 - V4 - Published 10.29.2013

IMPORTANT PROCESSING UPDATE - ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS: Effective January 1, 2013, electronic submission of Excel type e-216 is the preferred method of reporting basic professional liability insurance coverage to Mcare. No longer is a hardcopy 216 required when submitting your e-216 with or without payment. This change applies to all submissions, regardless of the assessment year, with a run date on or after January 1, 2013. The e-216 must be sent to the following e-mail address If payment is due, the check must be mailed to Mcare at the same time the e-216 is emailed. For complete details, please refer to page 8 of the 2013 Assessment Manual.

The standard for submitting new and renewal business to Mcare is to do so electronically via Form e-216, or one of the other two approved formats listed in the manual.  Submitting electronically increases Mcare's ability to process coverage information and payment in a more efficient and expeditious manner.  

This form is to be used by basic professional liability insurance carriers and approved self-insurers for summarizing surcharges/assessments collected, payable and refundable. Except for an approved self-insured health care provider, a health care provider may not complete this form.


This notice clarifies what entities may participate in the Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error Fund. 6/24/06 Fund Bulletin No. 71 of 1994 explains the significance of the 1978 date contained in Notice 2006-07.
Unreported Mcare Coverage Reminder to primary insurers and agencies of their fiduciary and legal responsibility under the Mcare Act to make certain that Mcare coverage is collected, reported and remitted to Mcare within 60 calendar days of the issuance of a basic insurance coverage policy. 5/2/06