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Allegheny Health Network's Financial Plan and Modification Request

On July 28, Commissioner Teresa Miller approved Highmark's request to modify conditions of the 2013 Order and released a report from Compass Lexecon detailing changes in health care competition and Allegheny Health Network's progress since the 2013 Order. For more information on the Highmark-Allegheny Health Network affiliation, click here

In April 2017, the Insurance Department welcomed public comment pertaining to Highmark's request to modify the 2013 Order permitting the purchase of West Penn-Allegheny Health System. For more information on this Order, Highmark's request, and Allegheny Health Network's strategic plan, read the following documents:

Following close of the comment period, the Insurance Department will allow two weeks for Highmark to respond to comments.  A decision on the request to modify the Order is expected by mid-summer.

Comments were accepted from April 8 through May 8, 2017 and are posted in the order that they were received.

​Date Received ​Document Description
4/6/2017​ ​Comments from B. Spreng Volek 
​4/7/2017 ​Comments from Burn Null
​4/9/2017 ​Comments from David Pavlik
​4/10/2017 ​Comments from Shawn Calloway
​4/13/2017 Comments from Christina Merchant
​4/14/2017 ​Comments from Janice Wanke
​4/15/2017 ​Comments from Nitin Tanna
​4/20/2017 ​Comments from Allegheny County Schools Health Insurance Consortium
​4/20/2017 ​Comments from Senator Jay Costa
​4/26/2017 ​Comments from Senator Randy Vulakovich
​4/27/2017 ​Comments from Senator Guy Reschenthaler 
​5/1/2017 ​Comments from Representative Frank Dermody
​5/1/2017 ​Comments from Representative Dan Frankel
​5/2/2017 ​Comments from United Steelworkers
​5/3/2017 ​Comments from SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania 
​5/4/2017 ​Comments from Senator Dan Laughlin
​5/4/2017 ​Comments from John Fetterman, Mayor of Braddock
​5/8/2017 ​Comments from Jeff Gibbons
​5/8/2017 ​Comments from Representative Jim Christiana
​​5/8/2017 Comments from Allegheny General Registered Nurses
​​5/8/2017 Comments from the Insurance Federation of Pennsylvania
​​5/8/2017 ​Comments from Samuel DeMarco, Allegheny County Councilman 
​​5/8/2017 ​Comments from Allegheny General Employee Unions' Presidents