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 Meet the Insurance Commissioner

Teresa D. Miller was appointed Insurance Commissioner by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf on January 20, 2015, and confirmed by the Pennsylvania Senate on June 3, 2015.

The Wolf Administration has made consumer protection the top priority of the Insurance Department. During her term as Insurance Commissioner, Miller has increased the department's consumer protection, outreach, and education efforts, and has made the department's operations more transparent.

Along these lines, Miller has established a one-stop webpage for consumer information on residential flood insurance, including private market insurance, which is often less costly for homeowners than the federal government’s flood coverage.

Miller has been working to protect consumers from surprise balance bills, where a patient makes a good faith effort to seek in-network care, but receives an out-of-network service, and is billed.  After a public hearing on the issue, Miller developed a proposal to take consumers out of the middle of these disputes.

Responding to concerns about a so-called “widow’s penalty”, where a surviving spouse is charged a higher auto insurance rate after a husband or wife died, the commissioner issued a notice to insurers stating under law any rate increases for a widow or widower must be based on risk alone.

As part of Governor Wolf’s efforts to battle opioid addiction, Miller made it clear that one of her top priorities is enforcing mental health parity laws, ensuring consumers have access to the mental health and substance use disorder treatments they need.

In October 2015, on Miller’s recommendation, Governor Wolf announced 3D annual screening mammograms are to be covered at no cost to the patient as state law requires for all mammograms.  Previously, women were being charged the difference between 3D and traditional 2D mammograms when accessing this critical preventive service.

Believing the sooner people learn how to be savvy insurance consumers the better, the Insurance Department, in conjunction with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), developed a lesson for high school students on auto insurance called “Insurance 101.” 

In addition to the Department’s work, Miller is a national leader on insurance issues that impact consumers. At the NAIC, she chairs the Senior Issues Task Force and its Long-Term Care Innovation Subgroup, which is examining the future of private solutions to long-term care financing, with a focus on removing barriers to pursue concrete solutions that can pave the way for the private market to play a more meaningful role in financing the long-term care needs of society. She is also on the CBO’s panel of health advisers, offering input on the potential impact federal policies and proposed legislation may have on health care consumers.

Prior to coming to Pennsylvania, Miller served as acting director of the State Exchanges Group, the Oversight Group, and the Insurance Programs Group, in the federal government’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Before going to Washington, Miller served as the administrator of the Oregon Insurance Division.

Miller received her J.D. from Willamette University College of Law, and her B.A., magna cum laude, from Pacific Lutheran University.

Pennsylvania is the fifth largest insurance market in the United States, in terms of premium volume, and the 14th largest insurance market in the world. 

The Insurance Commissioner is entrusted with enforcing the insurance laws of Pennsylvania, including protecting consumers and monitoring the financial solvency of Pennsylvania domestic insurance companies. Pennsylvania serves as the lead regulator for an array of insurance companies from small mutuals that trace their history to the 1700's to a number of large internationally active insurance groups. Pennsylvania has been at the forefront of advancing the regulation of domestic IAIGs. The department also investigates and enforces state laws and regulations pertaining to insurance and responds to consumer inquiries. The department provides the public with information and educational brochures regarding various types of insurance. 

The Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner administers the following:

·         Catastrophic Loss Benefits Continuation Fund

·         Workers' Compensation Security Fund 

·         Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error Fund (Mcare) 

The Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner is a member of:

·         Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council

·         Children’s Health Insurance Advisory Board 

·         Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Board

·         Coal and Clay Mine Subsidence Insurance Fund

·         State Worker's Insurance Fund

·         Pennsylvania Employees Benefits Trust Fund Board of Trustees

·         Assigned Risk Plan board member, ex-officio

·         PA Fair Plan board member, ex-officio

The department also investigates and enforces state laws and regulations pertaining to insurance and responds to consumer inquiries. The department provides the public with information and educational brochures regarding various types of insurance