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HIP of Pennsylvania, Inc. (HIP)

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Date of Liquidation: May 1, 1999
Filing Deadline: November 1, 1999
States Where Licensed: Pennsylvania
Type of Business Sold: Health (HMO)

HIP was ordered liquidated due to its financially hazardous condition.

Any person and/or group is covered up to the expiration date of their health benefit plan agreement, the period covered by their last premium payment, or April 30, 1999, whichever date is earliest. No medical services provided after April 30, 1999, will be covered by the Liquidator.

On August 8, 2001 the Commonwealth Court approved the Statutory Liquidators' petition to pay all available assets to claimants as provided for in the liquidations statute. Detailed information regarding the Statutory Liquidator's payment is as follows:

On September 14, 2001, the Statutory Liquidator made payment to all claimants in priority classes (a) to (i). The priority class payment percentages are as follows:

(a) at 100%
(b) at 100%
(c) at 100%
(c) at 100%
(d) claims were not paid as none were filed
(e) at 30.3%

On August 8, 2001 the Commonwealth Court approved the Statutory Liquidator's petition to discharge the estate of HIP of PA. ​