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Archived market conduct actions are available online beginning with 2003. To find or research older actions, please send an email to

1st Choice Auto Insurance Co., Inc.   (Everett, PA) 7/08

21stCentury Insurance Company  (Wilmington, DE) 12/11

AAA Mid-Atlantic Insurance Company  (Haverford, PA) 11/08

Access Insurance Company   (Austin, TX) 12/07

ACE    5/07

Aegis Security Insurance Company   (Harrisburg, PA) 4/08

Aetna Health, Inc.  (Blue Bell, PA) 6/09

Aetna Life Insurance Company  (Hartford, CT) 10/09

AIG  (Multi-State Settlement Agreement) 12/10

All America Financial Benefit Insurance Company   (Howell, MI) 6/04

Allstate Life Insurance Company   (Northbrook, IL) 10/04

Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Company   (Northbrook, IL) 9/06

American Bankers Life Assurance Company of Florida   (Miami, FL) 5/07

American Family Life Assurance Company (AFLAC)  (Columbus, GA) 4/03

American General Assurance Company   (Schaumburg, IL) 6/06

American General Life & Accident Ins Co   (Brentwood, TN) 3/11

American General Life Insurance Company  (Houston, TX) 3/11

American General Life Insurance Company  (Houston, TX) 5/07

American Health and Life Insurance Company   (Ft. Worth, TX) 4/06

American Heritage Life Insurance Company   (Jacksonville, FL) 4/08

American Home Assurance Company  (Albany, NY) 4/05

American Independent Insurance Company  (Conshohocken, PA) 1/08

American Investors Life Insurance Company Inc   (Topeka, KS) 7/04

American Modern Home Insurance Company  (Amelia, OH) 9/10

American Modern Home Insurance Company   (Amelia, OH) 7/04

American Modern Select Insurance Company  (Amelia, OH) 8/08

American National Insurance Company   (Galveston, TX) 4/07

American National Property and Casualty Company   (Springfield, MO) 12/07

American Republic Insurance Company  (Des Moines, IA) 1/08

American Security Insurance Company   (Wilmington, DE) 4/08

American United Life Insurance Company   (Indianapolis, IN) 10/05

Americo Financial Life & Annuity Company  (Kansas City, MO) 12/11

Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company   (Kansas City, MO) 8/07

Amex Assurance Company   (Chicago, IL) 10/07

Amica Mutual Insurance Company   (Lincoln, RI) 6/05

Argonaut Insurance Company   (Menlo Park, CA) 12/03

Atlantic States Insurance Company   (Marietta, PA) 2/08


Balboa Insurance Company   (Irvine, CA) 1/05

Bankers Life Multi-State Settlement Agreement  11/12

Bankers Life and Casualty Company   (Chicago, IL) 4/08

Bankers Life and Casualty Company  part 1 (Chicago, IL) 5/04

Bankers Life and Casualty Company part 2 (Chicago, IL) 5/04

Bankers Life and Casualty Company part 3 (Chicago, IL) 5/04

Bankers Life and Casualty Company part 4 (Chicago, IL) 5/04

Banner Life Insurance Company   (Rockville, MD) 6/08

Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company   (Canton, MA) 12/05

Briar Creek Mutual Insurance Company  (Orangeville, PA) 10/04

Bristol West Insurance Company  (Independence, OH) 3/10

Bristol West Insurance Company   (Philadelphia, PA) 4/05


California Casualty Indemnity Exchange   (San Mateo, VA) 4/06

Canonsburg Mutual Fire Insurance Company  (Canonsburg, PA) 1/10

Capital Advantage Insurance Company  (Harrisburg, PA) 7/09

Capital Blue Cross  (Harrisburg, PA) 1/09

Capitol Insurance Company  (North Wales, PA) 5/12

Capitol Insurance Company   (North Wales, PA) 11/07

Central States Health and Life Company of Omaha   (Omaha, NE) 8/07

Central States Indemnity Company of Omaha  (Omaha, NE) 10/07

Centre County Mutual Fire Insurance Company  (Bellefonte, PA) 2/09

Chicago Title Insurance Company  (Kansas City, MO) 9/09

Chubb Indemnity Insurance Company   (New York, NY) 7/06

CIGNA Healthcare of Pennsylvania  (Blue Bell, PA) 7/09

Cincinnati Insurance Company  (Fairfield, OH) 2/09

Civic Property & Casualty Company   (Los Angeles, CA) 10/04

CivicProperty&Casualty Ins. Co.  (Los Angeles, CA) 4/10

Clarendon National Insurance Company   (Princeton, NJ) 6/08

Clearfield County Grange Mutual Fire Insurance Company  (Clearfield, PA) 7/08

Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company   (Columbia, SC) 5/04

ColonialPenn Life Insurance Company  (Philadelphia, PA) 12/10

Combined Insurance Company of America  (Chicago, IL) 3/05

Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company  (Philadelphia, PA) 4/09

Conemaugh Valley Mutual Insurance Company   (Johnstown, PA) 10/07

Conemaugh Valley Mutual Insurance Company   (Johnstown, PA) 12/04

Conestoga Title Insurance Company  (Lancaster, PA) 4/09

Conseco Health Ins. Co.  (Carmel, IN) 7/11

Conseco Life Insurance Company  (Carmel, IN) 1/11

Conseco Senior Health Insurance Company  (Carmel, IN) 4/08

Constitution Life Insurance Company   (McKinney, TX) 9/05

Continental Casualty Company  (Chicago, IL) 6/09

Continental Insurance Company  (Columbia, SC) 1/06

Continental Life Insurance Company of Tennessee  (Brentwood, TN) 4/09

Countryway Insurance Company  (DeWitt, NY) 3/05

Cumberland Mutual Fire Insurance Company  (Bridgeton, NJ) 8/08

CUNA Mutual Insurance Society  (Madison, WI) 11/05