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ARI Mutual Insurance Company – Plan of Conversion / Form A

The following are the public documents filed in connection with the application and request for plan approval of a mutual-to-stock conversion and acquisition of control.






001  Conversion Filing Cover Letter
002  Stock Purchase Agreement
003  Plan of Conversion
004  Conversion Valuation Appraisal Report
005  Form of Notice - Meeting of Members
006  Form of Proxy


 Form of Notice - Right to Cancel Policy
008  Form of Notice - Adoption & Filing of Plan
009  Proposed Amended & Restated Articles
010  Proposed Amended & Restated Bylaws
012  Coverletter to Form A Filing
013  Form A
015  Stock Purchase Agreement
016  Amtrust Financial Org Charts
017  Pre & Post ARI Org Charts
018  Biographical Affidavit List
021  S-4 Registration Statement
024  2014 Annual Report
025  2014 10-K
026  2013 Annual Report
027  2013 10-K
028  2012 Annual Report
029  2012 10-K
030  2011 Annual Report
031  2011 10-K
032  2010 Annual Report
033  2010 10-K
034  Boenning & Scattergood Engagement Letter
035  Request for Acknowledgement of Engagement
036  Applicant Acknowledgement of Engagement
038  Department Information Request

Applicant Response to Department Information Request

051 ​Attachment 9.1 to Response
052 ​Attachment 9.2 to Response
053 ​Attachment 11.1 to Response
058 ​Attachment 18.1 to Response
060 ​Attachment 19.1 to Response
061 ​Attachment 19.2 to Response
066 ​Department Information Request
067 ​Conversion Valuation Appraisal Update
068 ​Notice of Public Informational Hearing
069 ​Applicant Response to Department Information Request
071 ​Attachment 5.1
074 ​Boenning & Scattergood Report
077 ​PA Bulletin Notice
080 ​Public Informational Hearing Agenda
082 ​Public Informational Hearing Transcript
084 ​Approval Order ID-RC-15-18

How to Submit a Public Comment - Persons wishing to comment on the grounds of public or private interest are invited to submit a written statement to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department within forty-five (45) days from the date of publication of notice of receipt of the filing in the Pennsylvania Bulletin. Each written statement must include the name, address and telephone number of the interested party, identification of the application to which the statement is addressed, and a concise statement with sufficient detail and relevant facts to inform the Department of the exact basis of the statement. Written statements should be directed to Cressinda Bybee, Company Licensing Division, Pennsylvania Insurance Department, 1345 Strawberry Square, Harrisburg, PA 17120; fax (717) 787-8557; email


Comments received will be part of the public record regarding the filing and will be made available on the Insurance Department's website. Additionally, copies of the comments received will be forwarded to the applicant for appropriate response. The applicant's response will also be made available on the Insurance Department's website.