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2010 Company Orders

These are not official documents, and are provided for informational purposes only. Copies of the original, signed version of these documents are available by contacting the Company Licensing Division of the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. All documents are Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.







Exempt Acquisition

Capital BlueCross

Jan 30, 2010


to PA

Amerin Guaranty Insurance Company

Mar 19, 2010


Exempt Merger

Redland Insurance Company w/into
Praetorian Insurance Company

Mar 23, 2010



from PA

Liberty Mutual Mid-Atlantic Insurance Company

Mar 15, 2010



Lebanon Mutual Insurance Company by
Tuscarora Wayne Insurance Company

Mar 22, 2010


Exempt Acquisition

United National Insurance Company, Penn-
American Insurance Company and Penn-Starr
Insurance Company

Mar 22, 2010



AF&L Insurance Company by AF&L Holdings, LLC

Mar 22, 2010

ID-RC-10-09 Acquisition AGL Life Assurance Company by Tiptree Financial
Partners, LP
Jun 02. 2010


Exempt Acquisition

and Merger

ACE Indemnity Insurance Company Restructure

andWestchester Fire Insurance
Companywith/intoACE Indemnity Insurance

May 03, 2010


Fraternal Merger

Grand Council of Pennsylvania Catholic

BeneficialLeague with/into Polish Union of the
UnitedStatesof North America

May 10, 2010

ID-RC-10-12 Merger

Eastern Life & Health Insurance Company
intoSecurity Life Insurance Company of America

Jun 11, 2010
ID-RC-10-13 Exempt Acquisition Mainland Insurance Company by Harleysville
Group Inc.
Jun 28, 2010
ID-RC-10-14 Reinsurance/Assumption Washington Mutual Fire of Lawrence Coutny by
Windsor-Mount Joy Mutual Insurance Company
Jul 07, 2010
ID-RC-10-15 Exempt Acquistion AmeriChoice of Pennsylvania, Inc. Jul 14, 2010
ID-RC-10-16 Exempt Merger AmeriChoice of Pennsylvania, Inc. into Unison
Health Plan of Pennsylvania, Inc.
Jul 14, 2010
ID-RC-10-17 Exempt Merger Unison Family Health Plan of Pennsylvania, Inc.
into Unison Health Plan of Pennsylvania, Inc.
Jul 14, 2010
ID-RC-10-18 Redomestication to PA North Pointe Insurance Company Jul 27, 2010
ID-RC-10-19 Acquisition PMA Capital Corp by Old republic International
Aug 03, 2010
ID-RC-10-20 Redomestication
from PA
Homesite Insurance Company of Pennsylvania Aug 02, 2010


CIGNA HealthCare of Pennsylvania, Inc. Aug 09, 2010
ID-RC-10-22 Exempt Merger National Safety Life Insurance Company with
Columbian Life Insurance Company
Aug 09, 2010
ID-RC-10-23 Demutualization Lebanon Mutual Insurance Company Aug 25, 2010
ID-RC-10-24 Exempt Merger Harleysville Insurance Company of New York with
and into Mainland Insurance Company
Sep 15, 2010
ID-RC-10-25 Exempt Merger National Union Fire Insurance Company of
Louisiana with and into National Union Fire
Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, Pa
Oct 4, 2010
ID-RC-10-26 Exempt Merger Audubon Insurance Company with and into
National Union Fire Insurance Company of
Pittsburgh, Pa
Oct 4, 2010
ID-RC-10-27 Exempt Merger Audubon Indemnity Company with and into
National Union Fire INsurance Company of
Pittsburgh, Pa
Oct 4, 2010


Washington Mutual Fire Insurance Company of
Lawrence County

Oct 27, 2010
ID-RC-10-29 Acquisition Bravo Health Pennsylvania, Inc. by HealthSpring,
Nov 10, 2010
ID-RC-10-30 Exempt Acquisition Erie Insurance Exchange, Erie Insurance Company
and Erie Insurance Property & Casualty Company
Nov 08, 2010
ID-RC-10-31 Exempt Acquisition Erie Insurance Exchange and Erie Family Life
Insurance Company
Nov 08, 2010
ID-RC-10-32 Acquisition Philadelphia-United Life Insurance Company and Philadelphia-United Fire Insurance Company by Baltimore Life Insurance Company Nov 17, 2010
ID-RC-10-33 Acquisition Keystone Insurance Company and AAA Mid-Atlantic Insurance Company by California State Automobile Association Inter-Insurance Bureau Dec 15, 2010
ID-RC-10-34 Exempt Merger Capital City Insurance Company into North Pointe Insurance Company Dec 13, 2010
ID-RC-10-35 Exempt Merger Philadelphia-United Life Insurance Company into The Baltimore Life Insurance Company Dec 27, 2010
ID-RC-10-36 Acquisition Mid-Continent Insurance Company by Conifer Holdings, Inc. Dec 29, 2010