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2012 Archived Notices

Filing Type Applicant
Acquisition Aegis Security Ins Co and American Sentinel Ins Co by Endeavour Capital V, LLC
CCRC Licensure Masonic Village Of The Grand Lodge Of Pennsylvania
Surrender Certificate of Authority Rayant Insurance Company of Pennsylvania
Redomesticate to Pennsylvania Radian Mortgage Insurance Inc.
Acquisition Coventry Health Care PA, HealthAssurance PA and HealthAmerica PA by Aetna, Inc.
Acquisition AmGUARD IC, NorGUARD IC, EastGUARD IC and WestGUARD IC by National Indemnity Co
Surrender CCRC License Lebanon Valley Catholic Home, Inc.
Licensure Mount Vernon Specialty Insurance Company
Licensure Capital Advantage Assurance Company
Redomesticate from Pennsylvania Philadelphia Insurance Company
Surrender Certificate of Authority Eternal Care Insurance Company
Licensure Humana Medical Plan of Pennsylvania, Inc.
Acquisition Pennsylvania General Insurance Company by North American Casualty Co.
Exempt Merger American Millers Insurance Company with and into Penn Millers Insurance Company
Information Export List of Insurance Coverages
Surrender CCRC License Colonial Senior Living of Western PA, LLC
Information MCARE List of Qualified Annuity Contractors
Information Highmark Acquisition by UPE - Conclusion of Public Comment Period
Information Highmark Acquisition by UPE (West Penn Affiliation) Public Informational Hearing
Acquisition Highmark, Inc. by UPE
Surrender CCRC License Siemon Nursing Home, Inc.
Information Export List of Insurance Coverages
CCRC Licensure Liberty Lutheran Housing Development Corporation
CCRC Licensure Centennial Healthcare, LLC
Surrender CCRC License Delanco Healthcare-Belmont & Parkside, LP
HMO Licensure Today's Options of Pennsylvania, Inc.
Surrender CCRC License Bethel Pointe Foundation
Information Surplus Lines Agents and Interested Parties; Export List of Insurance Coverages
Acquisition PennCommonwealthCasualty of AmericaCorporation by Brickstreet Mutual Insurance Company
Surrender Certificate of Authority Philadelphia-United Fire Insurance Company
Information Eligible Surplus Lines Insurer List
Information List of Qualified Reinsurers
Surrender CCRC License LTC Associates, LLC
Merger Harleysville Mutual Insurance Company with/into Nationwide Mutual Ins. Co.