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2012 Company Orders

These are not official documents, and are provided for informational purposes only. Copies of the original, signed version of these documents are available by contacting the Company Licensing Division of the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. All documents are Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.







Exempt Acquisition

Excalibur Reinsurance Corporation

Jan 06, 2012



Bravo Health Pennsylvania Inc. by Cigna Corporation

Jan 11, 2012

ID-RC-12-03 Exempt Acquisition Philadelphia Ins Co and Philadelphia Indemnity Ins Co Jan 06, 2012
ID-RC-12-04 Surrender Certificate Philadelphia-UnitedFire Insurance Company Feb 27, 2012
ID-RC-12-05 Merger Harleysville Mutual Ins Co with/into Nationwide Mutual Ins Co Apr 16, 2012
ID-RC-12-06 Acquisition PennCommonwealth Casualty of America Corp Mar 27, 2012
ID-RC-12-07 Exempt Merger American Millers Ins Co with/into Penn Millers Ins Co Jul 02, 2012
ID-RC-12-08 Exempt Acquisition Senior American Ins Co by AF&L Inc. Jul 12, 2012
ID-RC-12-09 Reinsurance and Assumption Lithuanian Alliance of America by Croatian Fraternal Union of America Jul 31, 2012
ID-RC-12-10 Voluntary Surrender Eternal Care Insurance Company Aug 28, 2012
ID-RC-12-11 Acquisition Pennsylvania General Ins Co by North American Casualty Co Sep 11, 2012
ID-RC-12-12 Redomestication from PA Philadelphia Insurance Company Aug 28, 2012
ID-RC-12-13 Exempt Acquisition OneBeacon Select IC, OneBeacon Specialty IC and OBI National IC Sep 07, 2012
ID-RC-12-14 Acquisition AmGUARD IC, NorGUARD IC, EastGUARD IC and WestGUARD IC by National Indemnity Company Oct 22, 2012
ID-RC-12-15 Redomestication to PA Radian Mortgage Insurance Inc. Nov 20, 2012
ID-RC-12-16 Voluntary Surrender Rayant Insurance Company of Pennsylvania Nov 27, 2012
ID-RC-12-17 Exempt Acquisition MedAmerica Insurance Company Nov 27, 2012
ID-RC-12-18 Recapitalization Community Care Behavioral Health Organization Dec 04, 2012
ID-RC-12-19 Acquisition Coventry Health Care of Pennsylvania, Inc., HealthAssurance Pennsylvania, Inc. and HealthAmerica of Pennsylvania, Inc. by Aetna Inc. Dec 27, 2012
ID-RC-12-20 Acquisition Aegis Security Ins Co and American Sentinel Ins Co by Endeavour Capital V, LLC and Patrick J. Kilkenny Dec 28, 2012