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2013 Company Orders

These are not official documents, and are provided for informational purposes only. Copies of the original, signed version of these documents are available by contacting the Company Licensing Division of the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. All documents are Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.






 Exempt Acquisition

Philadelphia Financial Life Assurance Company

 Feb 15, 2013


 from PA

Pennsylvania General Insurance Company

 Mar 14, 2013


 Exempt Acquisition

R&Q Reinsurance Company

 Apr 3, 2013



Pennsylvania Surface Coal Mining Exchange

 Apr 2, 2013


 Exempt Mergers

Houston General Ins Co, Traders & General Ins Co and The Camden Fire Ins Association with/into OneBeacon Ins Co

 Apr 22, 2013




UPE Acquisition of Highmark Inc and Subsidiaries

 Apr 29, 2013

 ID-RC-13-08  Redomestication to PA  OneBeacon America Ins Co and The Employers' Fire Ins Co  Oct 4, 2013


 Exempt Acquisition

OneBeacon Select Ins Co

 Jun 19, 2013




 Exempt Acquisition

Essent Guaranty, Inc.  Jun 17, 2013
 ID-RC-13-12  Redomestication to PA Commonwealth Mortgage Assurance Company of Texas  Aug 12, 2013


 Exempt Acquisition Mercer Ins Co and Franklin Ins Co  Aug 7, 2013
 ID-RC-13-14  Acquisition and
Significa Insurance Group, Inc. by Dental Service of Massachusetts, Inc.  Sep 12, 2013
 ID-RC-13-15  Exempt Merger  

Employers Security Ins Co with/into Eastern Alliance Ins Co

 Sep 19, 2013
 ID-RC-13-16  Exempt Acquisition Harleysville Ins Co of NY, Harleysville Worcester Ins Co, Harleysville Preferred Ins Co, and Harleysville Ins Co  Oct 1, 2013
 ID-RC-13-17  Voluntary Surrender  Harleysville Pennland Insurance Company  Nov 27, 2013
 ID-RC-13-19  Acquisition  Eastern (Alliance, Advantage, Allied) by ProAssurance  Dec 19, 2013
 ID-RC-13-20  Redomestication from PA  DSM USA Insurance Company, Inc.  Dec 23, 2013
 ID-RC-13-21  Fraternal Merger  Slovak Gymnastic Union Sokol of the U.S.A. w/into GBU Financial Life  Dec 21, 2013
 ID-RC-13-22  Exempt Acquisition  AmGUARD Ins Co, EastGUARD Ins Co, NorGUARD Ins Co and WestGUARD Ins Co  Apr 3, 2014
 ID-RC-13-23  Conversion  Keystone Health Plan West, Inc. (FP to NP)  Dec 30, 2013
 ID-RC-13-24  Conversion  Gateway Health Plan, Inc. (FP to NP)  Dec 30, 2013