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Highmark Merger Entire Record

All public documents can be downloaded from this Web page. You may also view a current list of the public documents here. An excel spreadsheet with the same information is also available.

Public documents are broken down into the following categories: 

How to Request Documents - All public documents can be downloaded from this Web page. Requests for copies of the documents in the public document list must be submitted in writing either by fax to (717) 787-8557 or by e-mail. The cost will be $0.25 per 8.5 X 11 page and $1.00 per 8.5 X 14 page (legal size). How to Receive Electronic Updates - Please note that the public document list is constantly being updated, and may be incomplete within minutes after publication. The date of the last update is provided below. To receive an e-alert when pages are updated, you may register by using the "register" button on the left side of this page and selecting "Highmark/IBC" when prompted to make an e-alert selection. If you are already registered, you may update your e-alert subscription by logging in and updating your user profile. Those not wishing to receive e-alerts may check for updates periodically.

How to Submit a Public Comment - Individuals wishing to comment on the filings on the ground of public or private interest in the filings are invited to submit a written statement on the filings to the Department. Written statements must include the name, address and telephone number of the person making the statement, identification of the application to which the statement is addressed and a concise statement with sufficient details and relevant facts to inform the Department of the exact basis of the statement. Written statements should be directed to Robert Brackbill, Chief, Company Licensing Division, Insurance Department, 1345 Strawberry Square, Harrisburg, PA 17120, fax (717) 787-8557,