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Prior to enactment of Act 134 in March of 2012, the Pennsylvania Insurance Department did not have rate review authority over the commercial small group market.  HHS (the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services) reviewed the following requests for rate increases of greater than 10 percent.  

Everence Insurance Company

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Status:  Review Complete - Unreasonable Rate Increase

Trustmark Life Insurance Company

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Status:  Review Complete - Unreasonable Rate Increase

  Act 134 expanded the Department's rate review authority.  To view or comment on filings for rate increases greater than 10 percent which were submitted for Departmental review after enactment of Act 134, please see PPACA-Rated Filings.

Note that Act 134 does not provide regulatory authority over association products offered in the individual or small group markets by associations sitused outside of Pennsylvania.  Filings of this type are reviewed by either the situs state or by HHS if the situs state does not have regulatory authority.

The following request for a rate increase of greater than 10% for use by an out of state group trust is being reviewed by HHS.  Upon completion of its review, HHS will issue a determination as to the reasonableness of the request.

Golden Rule Insurance Company

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Copay Select - Individual PPO
HSA - Individual PPO
Plan 100 - Individual PPO
Plan 80 - Individual PPO
Saver 80 - Individual PPO
HSA - Individual Indemnity
Saver 80 - Individual Indemnity
Status:  Review Complete - Not Unreasonable Rate Increase

Union Security Insurance Company

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Status:  Review Complete - Unreasonable Rate Increase