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Travel Insurance for SeniorS

If you’re not working full-time anymore, you may be taking trips you didn’t previously have the time or money to take. If so, you may want to think about travel insurance. These policies typically cover trip cancellation, delay, or interruption. This coverage can help reimburse your costs if a trip is cancelled or delayed due to a medical emergency, a force of nature, or other things beyond your control. 

Travel insurance is something to discuss with your insurance agent. Some questions to consider are:

Should I buy travel insurance for this trip?
That really depends on you. This decision will vary based on the trip you are planning, your risk tolerance, the level of coverage you want, and your finances. This is a good topic of discussion with you insurance professional.

How much does travel insurance cost?
Like any type of insurance, costs vary greatly depending on the coverage you buy, the length of the trip, where you are going, the number and ages of the people traveling, and of course, different insurers may charge different rates. 

Will my health insurance cover me on a trip? 
That depends your health plan and where you are going.  Before you leave, especially if you are going out of the country, call the Member Service number on the back of your insurance card and ask if you will be covered on your planned trip.

More information on travel insurance is available from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ Consumer Alert on Travel.