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Consumer alert: 3D Mammography coverage 

Governor Tom Wolf announced new 3D mammograms must be covered at no cost to women in Pennsylvania, the same as traditional, 2D mammograms under current Pennsylvania law. 

State law requires annual mammograms to be available with no cost sharing on the part of consumers.  Technology advances have led to the development of 3D mammograms, also called tomosynthesis.  Insurance Commissioner Teresa Miller has learned some women are being given the choice of whether to get at 2D or 3D mammogram, but if they choose a 3D mammogram, are receiving a bill for the additional cost, typically between $50 and $60.  In some cases, women are being given the 3D mammograms without their knowledge, and charged the higher amount. 

Commissioner Miller discussed this issue with Governor Wolf, who then clarified that his administration’s policy is that annual mammograms must be available at no cost to consumers, regardless of the technology involved, as state law does not specify the particular technology that must be used.  The Governor said it is important women have the latest and best technology to help with early diagnosis of breast cancer, and to get needed treatment as soon as possible.

Commissioner Miller encourages all women to talk to their doctors about which type of mammogram is right for them. Commissioner Miller also wants women to know that if they have questions about the benefits they are entitled to under Pennsylvania law or are asked to pay any out-of-pocket charges for their annual mammogram, they may contact the Insurance Department at 1-877-881-6388, or by visiting, and clicking on “Consumers.”