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Consumer Alert: Help Finding a Lost Life Insurance Policy

Did a parent, sibling, other family member, or friend have a life insurance policy that has been lost? If so, and you know what insurance company issued the policy, the Pennsylvania Insurance Department can help.

It’s not unusual for life insurance policies to be bought many years, even decades, before the policyholder dies. Often these policies are completely paid for long before the benefits would be paid. In this case, there may be no contact between the company and policyholder, and the old policy may have been filed away among other papers and lost or mistakenly thrown away over time.

If you believe a family member or friend had an insurance policy that is lost and know the company which issued the policy, contact the Pennsylvania Insurance Department’s Consumer Services Bureau. We will get in touch with the company to find whether such a policy exists, and if it does, advocate on behalf of the consumer to see the beneficiaries are paid according to the wishes of the policyholder. 

Likewise, if you have a policy issued by a company that is now out of business, the assets of that policy should have been transferred to another insurer for payment at the proper time. If you have the name of the individual who took out the policy and the company that originally issued it, the Insurance Department will trace the history of the insurer and identify the company that currently maintains the policy. We’ll provide the information to you so you can file your claim.

Contact the Pennsylvania Insurance Department’s Consumer Services Bureau under Consumers tab of this website or call 1-877-881-6388.