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Sinkhole Coverage

Typical homeowners’ insurance policies don’t cover damage from sinkholes.

If you own a home and you want this coverage, you will probably have to request it and purchase it as an additional coverage rider on their homeowners’ policy, at an additional cost.

Sinkholes occur throughout much of Pennsylvania. These happen when natural running water seeps into the soil and erodes underground limestone or dolomite deposits, forming a cavern.  When the roof of the cavern caves in, a sinkhole is formed.

Homeowners who are concerned about sinkholes, or who may live in an area where sinkholes are more common, may want to discuss this coverage with their insurance professional.

Information on sinkholes and other homeowners’ insurance coverage is available in the Insurance Department’s Homeowners Insurance Guide here, or on our Homeowners page. 

More information on sinkholes is also available from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and from the Department of Environmental Protection.

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