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Consumer Alert: Summer Driving

As we enter summer travel season, Commissioner Miller is reminding Pennsylvanians that more vehicles are likely to be on the roads over the next few months.

In addition to the normal traffic volume generated by commuters, other business travel, and people running errands, many Pennsylvanians will be hitting the road to enjoy a summer vacation. Many tourists will be visiting our state’s many attractions, so the roads will be more crowded.

It won’t only be cars and trucks to watch out for -- summer is prime time for motorcyclists and bicyclists to be out enjoying the warm weather.  With schools on summer recess, more children will also be out playing and may not be paying attention to traffic.

For all these reasons, drivers need to be extra observant during the summer months. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offers these tips to make your summer driving safer.  If you do end up in a crash, the Insurance Department has information on what you should do.

By making sure your car is ready for the open road, and being extra alert behind the wheel, you can reduce your chances of being involved in a crash, and make your summer a happy one.

Safe travels!

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