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Consumer Alert: Travel Insurance

As we enter vacation season, Commissioner Miller is informing consumers about travel insurance options. The summer months are popular vacation times, and many Pennsylvanians will soon begin to make their travel plans for the year.

Many consumers will have different kinds of protection through existing policies when travelling. In many cases, your bags are covered by your homeowners or renters policy if they are lost while travelling. You may also have some medical coverage through your health insurance while travelling abroad, and your life insurance policy may cover you in the event of accidental death, but you should check with your insurance companies before travelling.

In the event that your belongings are not covered by your homeowners or renters policy, you can purchase travel insurance that will cover them if lost, stolen, or damaged. Be sure to read your policy carefully before purchasing, as most policies will not reimburse for items lost or damaged by an airline. You should also take note of the value limits set by the policy, particularly if you plan to purchase expensive items while travelling.

If your policy doesn’t provide adequate coverage where you are travelling, you can also purchase medical or accidental death insurance. This may especially apply to consumers who are travelling overseas. Read the terms of coverage carefully, as some companies may not cover pre-existing conditions, charge higher premiums for pre-existing conditions, or have age limits.

The most common type of travel insurance is for trip cancellation, delay, or interruption. This can protect you from financial losses associated with cancellations of airfare, hotel, tour, and other travel expenses. Trip cancellation is usually only covered in certain situations, like illness or death of you or a family member. Trip delay will reimburse you if your trip is delayed because of severe weather, missed flight connections, etc. Trip interruption will cover you if your trip is cut short, with reasons ranging from bad weather to jury duty.

Talk to your insurance agents or companies to review your existing policies before travelling to see what coverage you already have, so that you can acquire any additional coverage you need.

Safe travels!