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Consumer Alert: Vaccination Coverage

As we enter flu season, Commissioner Miller is reminding consumers that vaccines are a free preventive service available with all health insurance plans established after March 2010.

Flu vaccines are free for those of all ages who are enrolled in health care plans who seek care through an in-network provider.

While flu shots are free at in-network health care providers, some insurers have created “flu shot networks” among pharmacies, and shots may be free only at pharmacies within these networks.  Consumers considering getting a flu shot at a pharmacy should first check with their insurer to determine what pharmacies are in the insurer’s flu shot network.

Other immunizations are also covered under the Affordable Care Act, including the chicken pox; shingles; tetanus; and measles, mumps and rubella (MMR).

For more information on flu vaccines, visit or and click on My Health, A-Z Topics, and Influenza.