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The Office of Liquidations and Rehabilitations administers the liquidating or rehabilitating of insolvent insurance companies pursuant to:
Article V of the Insurance Department Act of 1921.    For further information on Liquidations and Rehabilitations, click here.

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Companies Currently in Liquidation



 LIQUIDATION DATE                                     




Westmoreland Casualty Company

 September 27, 1988 

  Property and Casualty  Yes   $$

Rockwood Insurance Company

 August 26, 1991   Property and Casualty  Yes   $$

Reliance Insurance Company

 October 3, 2001   Property and Casualty  Yes   $$
Villanova Insurance Company  July 28, 2003   Property and Casualty                  Yes   $$
Legion Insurance Company   July 28, 2003    Property and Casualty  Yes   $$ 
First Sealord Surety Company    February 8, 2012     Surety   Yes    $$   
Commonwealth Insurance Company  March 20, 2014   Surety   Yes   $$