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White Hall Mutual Insurance Company - Notice of Liquidation



The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania ordered White Hall Mutual Insurance Company (White Hall Mutual) into liquidation on April 10, 2003. M. Diane Koken, Insurance Commissioner of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, was appointed the Statutory Liquidator, and was ordered to take possession of White Hall Mutuals property and to liquidate its business. Deputy Insurance Commissioner William S. Taylor oversees the liquidation on her behalf.

This information is important. It is recommended that you read it carefully before contacting the Liquidators Office with questions. You may also want to consult your attorney or insurance advisors before you proceed.

Certain claims may be covered by guaranty associations in the claimants state of residence or in the insureds state of residence. Guaranty associations and funds were created by state law to provide protection to insureds in the case of a liquidation. The various state laws governing the guaranty associations include eligibility requirements and limits on the amount of coverage available. Insureds who are covered by a White Hall Mutual policy may be entitled to the protection of the property and casualty insurance guaranty association in the state where they reside or the state in which the insured property is situated.

If you had a claim for policy benefits pending on or before April 10, 2003, and you want to pursue it, you do not need to do anything further. Your claim will be forwarded to the appropriate guaranty association for consideration. If you have a claim for anything other than a claim for policy benefits which was pending on or before April 10, 2003, you will need to file a proof of claim.

If you are reporting a new claim regardless of whether it is for policy benefits after April 10, 2003, it is necessary that you complete and file a proof of claim.

Proofs of claim must be filed no later than April 10, 2004. A proof of claim form containing the original signature of the claimant; a description of the claim and any security interest; whether collateral security or personal security is pledged in accordance with the terms of the policy; documentation of any payments made on the claim; and a statement that the amount is justly owed the claimant. If you require proof of claim forms, you may request them from the Statutory Liquidator at the address below, or download them from the department website .

It will be several years before all of White Hall Mutuals assets are collected and distribution amounts can be determined. To participate in a distribution you must file a proof of claim, if required as indicated in the above preceding paragraphs.

Whenever a claim is based upon an instrument in writing, a copy of the document should be attached to the proof of claim. If the document has been destroyed, a statement of the facts and circumstances of the loss must be filed, under oath, with the claim.

The Order of Liquidation enjoins all persons from instituting or continuing any action at law or in equity or any attachment or execution against White Hall Mutual or the Statutory Liquidator. All persons indebted to or having any property of White Hall Mutual in their possession, directly or indirectly, are hereby notified to tender an account of the indebtedness and to pay the same and deliver such property promptly to the Statutory Liquidator.

This notice is in summary form and may not contain all necessary information for your situation. You are urged to consult an attorney if you have any questions. All claims are subject to payment only in accordance with applicable law.

General questions about the liquidation procedure should be addressed to the Statutory Liquidator at:

Statutory Liquidator of White Hall Mutual Insurance Company
Capitol Associates Building
901 North 7 th Street
Harrisburg, PA 17102