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American Network Insurance Company

Insurance Commissioner Michael Consedines Statement:
Re: Penn Treaty and American Network Insurance Companys Submission of Rehabilitation Plans to the Commonwealth Court

On April 30, 2013, the Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner (Rehabilitator) filed rehabilitation plans for Penn Treaty Network America Insurance Company (Penn Treaty) and its subsidiary American Network Insurance Company (ANIC). These filings are in response to the Commonwealth Courts directive contained in its May 3, 2012 order denying the Rehabilitators liquidation petitions. The rehabilitation plans filed with the Court are subject to further review and possible modifications by the Court before they can be implemented. There will be opportunities for public comment.

Policyholders are our first priority. We have also filed an Application to Facilitate the Creation of a Committee of Policyholders to give policyholders a direct voice over these plans. Moreover, the rehabilitation plans attempt to minimize the amount of financial hardship to policyholders. Policyholders who pay their premiums will continue to have coverage.

The rehabilitation plans attempt to address Penn Treaty and ANICs liabilities through benefit modifications on a temporary basis, possible premium rate increases, and several other measures. Should the companies assets and future revenues become more than adequate to meet future policy obligations, the Rehabilitator may begin restoring those benefit modifications.

While these matters can take time, we will continue our efforts to communicate with policyholders. Policyholder operations continue on-site at the companys Allentown headquarters. Copies of these proposed plans are posted in the rehabilitation section of

If policyholders have questions, they should use their points of contact at Penn Treaty. For claims questions, dial 1-800-362-0700 ext. 3190. For rehab plans questions, dial 1-800-362-0700 ext. 3270.

For more information on Rehabilitations and Liquidations, click here.

Company Information:

Date of Rehabilitation:
January 6, 2009

States Where Licensed:
The District of Columbia and All States except: Alaska, Iowa, Michigan, New York & Wisconsin

Type of Business Sold:
Mostly Long Term Care Insurance along with Disability Income, Medicare Supplements and Accidental Death and Dismembermentcoverages

Contact Information:
Policyholders and other interested parties will receive further information about the rehabilitation in the future. In the interim, policyholders with questions on claims or non-claims matters may use the following toll-free number: 800-362-0700, ext. 3190.
Rehabilitation documents and orders filed with Commonwealth Court can be found on Penn Treaty's Website.
For further information regarding the Rehabilitation process, please call the Office of Liquidations and Rehabilitations at (717) 787-7823.

For more information on Rehabilitations and Liquidations, click here.