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HRM Health Plans (PA), Inc. (HRMPA)

Date of Liquidation: August 1, 2001
Filing Deadline: October 1, 2001
States Where Licensed: PA
Type of Business Sold: Health

HRMPA was a contractor of the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare's Medical Assistance Program. The company provided managed-care services for the HealthChoices Medical Assistance program in five Southeastern Pennsylvania counties under the Oaktree name. Additionally, HRMPA provided services to the voluntary managed-care Medical Assistance program in Central Pennsylvania under the HealthMATE name.

It is important to note that due to the regulations of the Department of Public Welfare and/or the contract with HRMPA and HMO Law, providers are specifically prohibited from seeking reimbursement directly from patients. Providers may file a proof of claim form with the Statutory Liquidator.

Due to a combined effort of the Department of Public Welfare and the Insurance Department, the majority of the blocks of business were assumed by different carriers. The new carriers along with their previous related company, effective assumption date and current contact numbers are as follows:

HealthMATE assumed by AmeriHealth as of September 1, 2001 and can be contacted at 1-(800)991-7200

OakTree assumed by AmeriChoice as of August 1, 2001 and can be contacted at 1-(800)321-4462

On August 4, 2006 the Commonwealth Court approved the Statutory Liquidators Petition for Distribution and Discharge thereby authorizing the distribution of all assets of HRMPA and discharging the Commissioner as Statutory Liquidator of HRMPA and releasing her from any further liability to pay claims. Accordingly, on August 31, all distribution checks were mailed to claimants in accordance with the Courts August 4 Order.​