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Case Records

The Administrative Hearings Office maintains official copies of all final decisions and orders in addition to other records for past and current cases. The records include all disciplinary actions against insurance licensees, whether contained in a consent order or an adjudicated decision in an enforcement action. In addition to final decisions and orders, the hearings office maintains all filings in current and recent cases.

Records are public and available for inspection during business hours. You also may obtain a photocopy of any document for a nominal charge per page. Please note that while we promptly respond to informal document requests, you also may make a formal request for public records under the Right-To-Know-Law which unlike an informal request triggers certain rights and timeframes.

Other department documents are available through the Insurance Department's Public Document Room and some company filings and other documents are available online.

The hearings office database contains information on cases filed since 1989.  Our staff will answer questions about a past or current case upon request.

Contact us with questions or to obtain copies of documents

Pennsylvania Insurance Department, Administrative Hearings Office
901 North Seventh Street, Suite 200, Harrisburg, PA 17102
Phone: (717) 783-2126, Fax: (717) 787-8781