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Archived enforcement actions are available online beginning with 2004. To find or research older actions, please send an email to


W & R Insurance Agency, Inc. (Shawnee Mission, KS) 8/05

Waddell & Reed, Inc. (Shawnee Mission, KS) 8/05

Wagner, James M.  
and Alliance Adjustment Group, Inc. 
 (Doylestown, PA) 8/11
5-yr license supervision and $4,000 civil penalty – Wagner employed an unlicensed individual.

Waldorf Risk Solutions, LLC (Huntington, NY) 11/12
5-yr license supervision and $72,619 restitution – Waldorf agreed to settle the allegations of failing to remit taxes or filing fees on approximately 200 surplus lines policies.

Walker, John (King of Prussia, PA) 8/08
Prior felony conviction, §1033 waiver, ongoing supervision of producer license.

Wall, Anthony A. Jr. (Eagleville, PA) 2/15
License Surrender, 5-yr future supervision: Wall failed to report his misdemeanor conviction.

Wallace, Stephanie (Bethlehem, PA) 7/07

Walsh, Daniel Edmund (Jamestown, NY) 4/10
5-yr license supervision and $5,000 penalty: Impersonating a policyholder on the telephone in order to complete a tax deferred annuity transaction.

Walsh, Noel K. (Short Hills, PA) 3/05

Walter P. Geoghan Agency, Inc.  (Blue Point, NY) 8/06

Walter, Joseph George Jr. (Reading, PA) 8/05

Walters, Robert F. Jr. (Acme, PA) 9/04

Walthour, Joseph Washington (Philadelphia, PA) 5/13

Walton, Adrienne (Springfield, PA) 6/05

Ward, Christopher L. (Monroeville, PA) 5/11
3-yr license supervision – Ward was convicted of three DUI's and other related offenses, all of which were disclosed on his producer license application.

Warner, Alfred Ritchie III (Waynesboro, PA) 4/11
3-yr license supervision – Ward was convicted of three DUI's and other related offenses, all of which were disclosed on his producer license application.

Washkalavitch, Stephen J. (Glen Mills, PA) 3/08
3-yr license supervision of motor vehicle, physical damage appraiser license -
Failed to leave copy of appraisal.

Washington, Geraldine Marie ((Willow Grove, PA) 3/15
Revocation; 5-yr future license supervision - Washington rebated insured by paying the initial premium without receiving payment from insureds. Forged insured's names on documents.

Wasmund, Michelle S. (Cranesville, PA) 9/13
License revocation - Wasmund failed to report her arrest and subsequent court proceedings to the department.

Watkins, Matthew R. (State College, PA) 6/05

Watkinson, Mark (Paoli, PA) 9/08
5-yr license supervision for pleading guilty in 2006 to Access Device Fraud.

Watson, Joseph M. (Conshohocken, PA) 10/14
§1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony convictions.

. (Coatesville, PA) 6/12
§1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony conviction.

Watts, Andrea R. (Harrisburg, PA) 7/07

Webb, Katherine M. 
and Preferred Transportation Insurance, Inc.
 (Erie, PA) 12/09
License revocation and five-year future license supervision for failing to remit $167,305 in collected premiums from policyholders.

Webster, Kevin Leandro (Hatboro, PA) 5/13
Indefinite license supervision – Webster was granted an 18 U.S.C. Section 1033 waiver for a prior felony conviction.

Weekes & Callaway, Inc. (Delray Beach, FL) 9/07

Weidner, Drew R. (Hamburg, PA) 12/07

Weigand, Jason C. (Reading, PA) 4/15
Revocation; 5-yr future license supervision - Weigand used applications with misrepresentations and misappropriated premiums and proceeds of insurance policies.

Weinroth, Bruce C. (Wynnewood, PA) 2/10
5-yr license supervision and $10,000 restitution submitting false information on a life insurance application.

Weiser, Carl S. (Southampton, PA) 2/13
License revocation – Weiser plead guilty to felony Insurance/Intent to Defraud in 2012.

Weiser, Carl S. (Southampton, PA) 612
5-yr license supervision and $1,000 penalty – Weiser pled guilty to misdemeanor simple assault in 2003 and failed to list the arrest or conviction on his subsequent license renewals.

Weiss, Jack W.  (Harrisburg, PA) 10/07

Weiss, Russell S. (Doylestown, PA) 7/07

Wellman, Robert (Dunmore, PA) 9/14
License revocation – Wellman failed to report his arrests and felony conviction to the department. 

Wendt, Mark E. (Newry, PA) 1/14
5-yr license supervision – Mr. Wendt failed to disclose criminal charges on his renewal application.

Western and Southern Life Insurance Company (Cincinatti, OH

) 1/06

Westrum, Valerie (Sioux Falls, SD) 7/07

Weymer, Thomas J., Sr. (Ashville, PA) 7/10
7-yr license supervision – Weymer failed to report an administrative action by the Pa Securities Commission which permanently bars him from offering or selling securities in Pennsylvania.

Wezner, Richard S. (Blue Bell, PA) 9/06

Whistler,Melissa (Penns Creek, PA) 9/06
6-month license supervision retroactive to 10/1/2015; assist PID in conducting investigations; 5-yr future license supervision - Whistler executed bonds, which were later determined to be fraudulent.

White, Francis C. (Warminster) 6/11
§1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony conviction. 

White, Gary (St. Petersburg, FL) 12/05

White, Kristen J. (McKees Rock, PA) 8/07

Whitesell, Ross Allen(Williamsport, PA) 6/15
License revocation; 5-yr future license supervision - Whitesell failed to notify the Insurance Department of his criminal charges within 30 days.

Wicks, Jeffrey A. (Salix, PA) 4/11
License revocation – Wicks misappropriated over $800,000 for his personal use.

Wikert, Lisa G. (Natrona Heights, PA) 10/06

Willey, Bryan S. (Dover, DE) 3/10
License revocation and 5-yr future license supervision for using good credit scores of six consumers in place of bad credit scores, and failing to notify the department of his license revocation in Delaware for similar activity.

Williams, Darryl L. (Kansas City, MO) 11/06

Williams, Erin L. (Osceola Mills, PA) 2/06

Williams, George C. (Philadelphia, PA) 4/13
License suspension – Williams failed to report to the department he was arrested and charged with six felonies.

Williams, Jeremy Scott  (Lancaster, PA) 10/15
5-yr license supervision - Williams submitted an insurance application, in whic he reported his criminal history.

Williams, Lashand (Palmer, PA) 5/12
7-yr license supervision and proof of probation compliance – Williams fully disclosed a 2010 misdemeanor conviction on her producer license application. 

Williams, Reginald  (Philadelphia, PA) 4/15
$1,000 penalty; report disposition of charges to Department within 30 days; 5-yr license supervision - Williams was arrested by the Office of Attorney General for several felony and misdemeanors and failed to notify the Department within 30 days of being charged with Criminal Conduct.

Williams, Reginald, d/b/a

Williams, Scott Rossman, Sr (Lansdale, PA) 11/03

Watermark Financial Assurance Group (Palmyra, NJ and Philadelphia, PA) 10/10
5-yr license supervision and $5,000 penalty – Williams failed to register the fictitious name of his entity, misrepresented tax compliance status on his renewal application and falsified errors and omissions certificates.

Willsey, John S. (West Hartford, CT) 12/04

Wilson, Clyde D. (Ellwood City, PA) 3/04

Wilson, Duane (Bethel Park, PA) 2/14
§1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony conviction.

Wilson, Max T. III (Butler, PA) 8/11
1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony conviction.

Wilson, Ryan L. (Hanover, PA) 12/06

Winch, Donald H. (Salem, OH) 10/06

Wise, Thomas E. (Harrisburg, PA)  10/11
5-yr license supervision – Wise failed to pay personal income tax from 1998 to 2006 and did not disclose his tax obligations on his renewal applications.

Wiser, Daryl E. (Berwyn, PA) 10/12
5-yr license supervision and $1,000 penalty – Wiser submitted two documents containing forged signatures and false information. Wiser also was arrested in 2011 and 2012 and failed to report the arrests to the department.

Witmer, Chuck E., Sr (Hershey, PA) 3/09
3-yr license supervision for a prior criminal history that was disclosed on his initial license application.

Wolf, James W., Jr. (Ellicott City, MD) 9/08
3-yr license supervision for procuring three surplus lines policies during 2004 with proper licensure.

Wolf, Rodney F. (Carlisle, PA) 8/12
License surrender – Wolf failed to pay state income tax from 2001 through 2008, which he misrepresented on his license renewals.

Wolfgang, Amanda Lynn (Enola, PA) 12/08
3-yr license supervision for a 2005 misdemeanor conviction disclosed on her licensing application, and disposition into ARD program.

Woodring, Christine M. (N. Huntingdon, PA) 9/15
License revocation; 5-yr future supervision - Woodring submitted fraudulent life insurance applications and forged signatures of applicants.

Wood, Jillian Elizabeth (Colorado Springs, CO) 10/14
5-yr license supervision; $2,000 penalty – Wood did not report her criminal history on her application.

Work First Casualty Company (Wilmington, DE) 4/08
Untimely submission of Workers' Compensation Accident & Illness Prevention Report; Cease and desist.

Worldwide Insurance Systems Enterprises (WISE) (Philadelphia, PA) 6/08
See Chester, Linda

Wortley/Poole Professional LTD (Philadelphia, PA) 6/06

Wosotowsky, John D. (Monaca, PA) 1/11
License revocation – Wosotowsky failed to report to the department that he is under criminal investigation for alleged misappropriation of insurance or investment proceeds.

Wright, Jeanette (Hazelton, PA) 1/14
5-yr license supervision, $2,500 civil penalty – Ms. Wright as a Qualifying Active Officer, failed to maintain control and oversight of agency employees who were licensed producers.

Wright, Jerome (Shenandoah, PA and Hazelton, PA) 1/14
7-yr license supervision – Wright failed to notify the department of his arrest within 30 days.

Wright, Lorenzo 
and Lorenzo Wright Ins. Agency, LLC 
(Shenandoah, PA and Hazelton, PA) 1/14
License revocations for Wright and the agency – Wright used other individual's personal information in the credit section of the application causing lower premiums to be quoted.    

Wright Specialty Insurance Agency (Uniondale, NY) 11/15
$1,000 civil penalty; 3-yr future supervision - Wright Specialty reported surplus lines sales during 2013 to the PA Surplus Lines Association, but failed to file and remit its taxes by January 31, 2014.




Yarish, Tina M. (Pickerington, OH) 8/15
$1,000 penalty; 5-yr license supervision - Yarish failed to report her administrative action on her license application.

Yates, Lionel A. (Philadelphia, PA) 7/12
5-yr license supervision and proof of compliance with any court-ordered support obligation – Yates' producer license was previously suspended for failure to pay child support.

Yeckley, Joseph F. (Brockport, PA) 6/06

Yenen, David Celal (East Greenville, PA) 5/13
License revocation – Yenen plead guilty to felony Forgery and a misdemeanor charge of Theft from a Motor Vehicle in July 2012, and failed to report the criminal conduct to the Department.

Yilmaz, Sherri (Croydon, PA) 1/08
§1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for felony conviction

Yingst, Christine M.  
and Valley Settlement Agency, LLC (Harrisburg, PA) 5/11
License revocation – Yingst allowed nine fiduciary errors to occur, allowing funds to be misdirected to a personal acquaintance.

Yokely, Karen(Chester, PA) 12/08
5-yr license supervision for failing to disclose a 1983 misdemeanor conviction in Illinois.

Yom, Lee Son (Holtwood, PA) 3/05

Yoo, John Y. (Colmar, PA)
and Cornerstone Insurance and Financial Services, Inc.
(Elkins Park, PA) 5/13
7-yr license supervision and restitution – Yoo improperly withheld premiums and charged improper fees. 

York, Keith Allen
and York Adjustment Company, Inc. New Hope, PA 
(Levittown, PA) 4/09
License revocation, $4,000 restitution and five-year future license supervision for misappropriating three settlement checks and failing to respond to requests for assistance from other clients.

Young, Robin L. (East Pittsburgh, PA) 8/07

Young, Terence (Pittsburgh, PA) 1/08
§1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for felony conviction

Young, Thomas (Apollo, PA) 10/13
5-yr license supervision; report disposition of charges – Young failed to notify the department of his criminal arrest.

Yuhas, Nickolas C. (Chagrin Falls, OH) 2/05

Yurko, Thomas K. (Orangeville, PA) 2/06

Yurkovich, Allen J. (Altoona, PA) 10/06


Zacconi, Shawn (Langhorne, PA) 1/15
§1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony conviction.​

Zajac, Jeffrey E. (Erie, PA) 10/05

ZelnickRobert (Bethlehem, PA) 6/04

Ziemianski, Mark Anthony (Youngstown, OH) 8/12
5-yr license supervision and $1,000 penalty – Ziemianski was convicted of a prior felony and administrative action in Ohio, which he disclosed on his license renewal application.

Zimmerman, Rebecca Lyn (Murrysville, PA) 7/11
License revocation – Zimmerman solicited insurance for a non-existent entity.

Zufall, Colleen O. (Scottsdale, PA) 4/13
License revocation Zufall admitted to backdating an automobile insurance application and signing the client's signature two times on an application.

Zukowski, Eric E. (Pittsburgh, PA) 8/12
§1033 waiver granted for a previous felony conviction; Indefinite license supervision and $3,800 restitution 

Zupsic, Matthew M. (Ft. Myers Beach, FL) 3/09
License revocation and 5-yr future license supervision for failing to report a prior criminal conviction.