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Health Innovation in PA (HIP) Plan

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department  will enhance price and quality transparency by exploring ways to  inform health care consumers regarding the price and quality of health care services. Learn More.


   Short-Term Limited Duration Plans

The federal government recently issued a final rule on the expansion of short-term, limited duation health plans. However, it's important to know that short-term plans are not an alternative to major medical coverage and should not be presented as such. They do not have to meet the minimum requirements for comprehensive coverage under the ACA. They can exclude preexisting conditions and deny coverage to an applicant due to a preexisting condition. Learn more.

Did You Know?

Short-term,limited duration health plans will soon be available for up to three years. However, these plans are not required to provide all the benefits that Affordable Care Act compliant plans do, and should not be sold as comprehensive health coverage. Make sure you understand what your health plan covers.