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Product & Rate Filing Requirements

Short-Term, Limited Duration Insurance Guidance

Notices on Filing Requirements & Deregulated Forms

 The forms listed as deregulated in the notices below are exempted only from the department’s filing or prior approval requirements. Although such forms are not reviewed and approved by the department, they remain subject to, and must comply in all respects with, Pennsylvania’s insurance laws and regulations, and the department retains its ability to take enforcement actions and seek any available remedy for non-compliant forms.

2025 ACA Information

2024-2025 ACA-Compliant Health Insurance Filing Guidance - Student Health Insurance (due by 01/15/2024)

Large Group Major Medical Health Insurance Filing Guidance

 Submission Checklists & Product Requirements

Product Filing Instructions

NOTE:  All Life and A&H rate/form filings must be submitted via SERFF; paper filings are no longer accepted.  In addition, all filing fees for Life and A&H rate/form filings must be submitted via SERFF using EFT.