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​Consumer Services

One of our most important jobs is to help consumers understand their options for dealing with insurance-related matters and ensure the fair treatment of all parties in insurance transactions.

We can help you:

  • Get answers to your insurance-related questions
  • File a complaint with your insurance company, agent, broker, or public adjuster
  • Learn more about consumer protection laws, such as Mental Health & Substance-Use Disorder Parity and the No Surprises Medical Bill Protection Act

File a Complaint, Get Help or Answers to Questions

Whether you want to file a complaint or have a general insurance-related question you can get help by using our Pennsylvania Consumer Services Online Portal (CSO).

Contact Us: If you have additional insurance-related questions or need help resolving an issue, our Consumer Service Bureau can help. They can be contacted:

Consumer Protection Laws

No Surprises Act: The No Surprises Act protects patients from surprise medical bills in situations where they have little to no control over who provides their care.

Learn more or request a medical bill review by visiting our No Surprise Act page.

Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Parity: Pennsylvania has the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) that requires mental health and substance use disorder parity, which means that your health insurance company is required by law to provide you with the same level of health insurance coverage for mental health and substance abuse disorder treatment as you would have for medical/surgical services.

Learn more by visiting our Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Parity page.​​​

Request a Review of Denied Health Insurance Claims: If your health plan has denied a service, treatment, or item, you may be eligible to request a review of the decision by an independent group of experienced doctors and healthcare professionals.

Learn more or request a denied health claim review by visiting our Independent External Review page.​

Reporting Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud can occur during the process of buying, using, selling, or underwriting insurance and can fall into different categories from individuals committing fraud against consumers to individuals committing fraud against insurance companies.

Insurance fraud costs each of us hundreds of dollars each year in higher premiums on all types of insurance.

If you suspect insurance fraud of any kind, report it!

Learn more about Insurance fraud in Pennsylvania & how to report it.