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​About Us

Our Vision:

"To provide a healthy regulatory environment that promotes a vibrant insurance marketplace to serve all consumers."

Our Mission:

We will:
    • Promote a competitive and robust marketplace for consumers; 
    • Educate consumers to make informed decisions, and ensure that they are treated fairly;
    • Regulate insurance companies' financial solvency in order to ensure fair and expedient payment of consumers' claims;
    • Administer legislatively-enacted programs to maximize benefits to consumers;
    • Assure that insurance policies meet standards of high quality, are understandable and are appropriately priced;
    • Advance consumer protection by administering licensing programs that promote professionalism and competency in the marketplace;
    • Protect claimants by maximizing assets of insolvent insurance companies and distributing them fairly and efficiently;
    • Innovate to meet the needs of a dynamic and rapidly changing financial services and healthcare marketplace 

Here at the Insurance Department, it is our responsibility to administer the laws of this commonwealth as they pertain to the regulation of the insurance industry in order to protect you, the insurance consumer. To accomplish our mission, we:
    • Monitor the financial solvency of insurance companies
    • License insurance companies and producers/agents
    • Review and approve insurance policy language and rates
    • Coordinate the rehabilitation and liquidation of insolvent insurance companies
The department was first established under the Act of Assembly of April 4, 1873, P.L. 20, and reorganized under the Insurance Department Act of May 17, 1921, P.L. 789.

This department is here to serve you. If there is something you are looking for, and cannot find on our site, visit our Contact Us Form.