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Preliminary Licensing Determination Process

The Preliminary Licensing Determination Process is a program created for individuals with criminal records who are interested in obtaining a resident producer license in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Potential resident insurance producer applicants with criminal records may submit a pre-licensing determination request form to receive guidance on how their specific circumstances may affect their formal application for licensure. 

Getting an Accurate Determination

Determinations are based solely on the information you provide on the pre-licensing determination request form.  In order to receive an accurate determination, you must provide your complete criminal history background and supporting documentation.  The Department will not conduct an independent background check for preliminary licensing determination requests.  Please see our FAQ section for a list of citations and/or offenses that may be excluded.


Residents and non-residents who wish to sell, solicit, or negotiate contracts of insurance in Pennsylvania must obtain a producer license from the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. 

A number of factors are considered and weighed when evaluating producer license applications. While an application for licensure may be denied for several reasons (including an applicant's conviction of any felony, or a misdemeanor involving the misuse or theft of money or property of another), we often find that criminal histories do not always require the application be denied.

We understand individuals interested in obtaining a producer license may be unsure of whether their conviction or set of circumstances will prevent them from successfully obtaining a producer license.  The pre-licensing determination process can provide guidance to potential applicants with criminal records on how their specific circumstances may affect their ability to successfully apply for licensure.

Additional Information on Denials

In order to protect consumers, there are certain convictions and circumstances that will necessarily continue to lead to denial of licensure. The Annual Licensing Report lists the types of convictions and circumstances that have led to the denial of producer licensure applications over the course of the past fiscal year and may help future applicants gain an understanding of the types of convictions and circumstances that would likely continue to lead to denial of licensure in the future.

Getting Started

The resources below can help answer your questions and apply for a pre-licensing determination.

Find answers to a range of questions relating to the pre-licensing process, including the types of charges or convictions you should include and what to expect from the process. 

Submit your request for a 
pre-licensing determination using our easy, secure online portal.  You will need the grading, date and jurisdiction of any prior charges.

If you have questions or need help with any part of the pre-licensing determination process, please contact us via e-mail: or click the button below.