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Pennsylvania businesses have many and varied insurance needs. These include protecting the business itself, as well as covering employees through health and workers compensation insurance. Information on business insurance needs is included on this page. 
Information specific to home-based businesses, and to help companies submit claims after incurring storm damage, is also here.
Business owners with questions can also contact the Insurance Department’s Consumer Services Bureau, at, or by calling 1-877-881-6388.
Workers Compensation:
Information about workers compensation insurers who have filed remedies for employers that were overcharged due to the application of the April 1, 2018 Pennsylvania Compensation Rating Bureau (PCRB) loss costs can be found by clicking here.

Informative Business Related Brochures:

After the Storm - The days following a natural disaster can be overwhelming and stressful for you, your business and your customers. It can also be confusing when it comes time to report a claim for property damage.  

Home Based Business - Your homeowners insurance alone may not provide enough coverage for your business. Additional coverage to protect your business is available.

Workers' Compensation - Brief introduction to workers' compensation and how it affects employers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The guide will also help employers comparison shop for an insurance company which is right for them.

Using Your Personal Automobile for Business - Your personal auto policy may NOT cover you if you are in an accident while using your personal car for business purposes.


Additional Helpful Information:

Insurance Coverage During Civil Unrest

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