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Health Innovation in PA (HIP) Plan

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department  will enhance price and quality transparency by exploring ways to  inform health care consumers regarding the price and quality of health care services.Learn More.


   ACA Remains in Place Despite Texas Ruling

The Affordable Care Act remains in place. Plans bought during open enrollment have an effective date of January 1, 2019. A ruling by a Federal judge in Texas that the ACA is unconstitutional remains in the court system, and does not impact health plans bought by individuals in Pennsylvania for 2019. These plans bought on, or ACA-compliant plans bought elsewhere, continue to have all the consumer protections provided by the ACA, including coverage for pre-existing conditions, prescription drugs, preventive care, mental health and substance use disorder.

Make sure you pay your initial premium before January 1 and your premiums each month to keep your coverage. 


Did You Know?

Something as simple as leaving a few lights on inside your home while you’re away on vacation can help stop a potential break-in. Homeowners and renters should also consider putting a timer on interior and exterior lights when away from home for an extended period, to provide the illusion that someone is home. For more tips on protecting your property while away on vacation, watch our Home Protection Tips video or view the Home Protection Checklist.