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Certificate of Authority Print Request


The Certificate of Authority generated by this process will be as of April 1 and is available only if you are invoiced for both of the following items:  (1)  Company Annual Statement Filing Fee, and (2) Company Renewal Fee.  Changes to the Certificate of Authority effective after April 1 will not be reflected.  The Certificate of Authority is in PDF Format.   

You will be presented with a login form asking for a user name and password. Your company's NAIC five-digit company code is your user name, and your password is the company Employer's Identification Number ("EIN") without the dash. Your user name and password will remain valid until you close all browser windows. Should you need to request additional certificates of authority for multiple companies, the browser must be completely closed between requests to reset the user name and password.

You will be presented with a web page indicating a web address from which to download the certificate of authority. This web address is a temporary link to the file and must be accessed the day the certificate is downloaded, for the web address will expire at midnight. After midnight, the web address will expire and a new request will have to be initiated starting at this page. 

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