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Confidentiality of Filed Documents

This notice advises the insurance industry and other filers of the Department’s practices regarding the availability of filed documents.  In some instances, a public filing may include or reference materials which are entitled to confidential treatment under statute, regulation, case law, administrative or court order, or other such authority.  For example, the Department declines to release personal information, such as Social Security numbers or home addresses of persons submitting Biographical Affidavits.  In addition, documents may be nonpublic because they contain proprietary or privileged information or trade secrets.  For example, the Department historically has not released business plans or financial projections which include analyses and underlying assumptions.
If a filer wishes to assert the confidentiality of documents, reports or other materials which are included or referenced within a “filing”, the filer should alert the Department to this issue at the time of submission as follows:
  • Submit the confidential materials physically separate from the remainder of the filing, submit a redacted version of the materials, or highlight the location of the confidential information in the filing.
  • Identify the basis upon which the assertion of confidentiality, privilege or trade secret is premised.
  • Identify the person to whom inquiries regarding the issue of confidential treatment should be directed.
Questions on the issues of public access to filed documents may be addressed to the analyst handling the filing or to: 

Chief, Company Licensing Division
Pennsylvania Insurance Department
1345 Strawberry Square
Harrisburg, PA 17120,