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​Risk Purchasing Group

Registered Risk Purchasing Groups – A Risk Purchasing Group (RPG) is any group that:

    1. Has as one of its purposes the purchase of liability insurance on a group basis,
    2. Purchases such insurance only for its group members and only to cover their similar or related liability exposure,
    3. Is composed of members whose businesses or activities are similar or related with respect to the liability to which members are exposed by virtue of any related, similar, or common business, trade, product, services, premises or operation, and
    4. Is domiciled in any state.

Risk Purchasing Group Application

Risk Purchasing Group Annual Filing Requirements
There are no annual filing requirements for risk purchasing groups.

Statutory References
40 P.S. §991.1501 et seq.

Liability Risk Retention Act of 1986
15 U.S.C. §§3901-3906 (1981, as amended 1986)