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Qualified Unlicensed Reinsurers

Qualified Unlicensed Reinsurers List - The purpose of the list of Qualified Unlicensed Reinsurers is to permit an insurer licensed in Pennsylvania to take reserve credits in its financial statements under 40 P.S. Section 442.1.  In order for an entity to be on the list, Qualified Unlicensed Reinsurers have to meet financial and other requirements imposed by statute and regulations. 
The status of a Qualified Unlicensed Reinsurer can be confirmed by contacting Monique Miller, Company Licensing Division, Pennsylvania Insurance Department, 1345 Strawberry Square, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120, (717) 783-3209, Fax:  (717) 787-8557, or E-MAIL: .

Annual Filing Requirements for Qualified Unlicensed Reinsurers:
 Alien  |  Foreign QR-1 | QR-2

**Note that filing fees are due with the filing.**