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Surplus Lines Insurance

Eligible Surplus Lines Insurance Companies - An eligible surplus lines insurance company, although approved to transact the business of insurance in this commonwealth, is not licensed by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department and is subject to limited regulation. In the event of the insolvency of an eligible surplus lines insurance company, losses will not be paid by the Pennsylvania Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association.

Eligible Surplus Lines Insurance Company Applications:

Eligible Surplus Lines Insurance Company Annual Filing:
Alien - N/A
Foreign - A signed jurat page (photocopy permitted) due 3/1.  Quarterly filings are not required.
          Mail to:  Company Licensing Division
                        Pennsylvania Insurance Department
                        1345 Strawberry Square
                        Harrisburg, PA  17120

Statutory and Regulation References:
Statutes - 40 P.S. §991.1601 et seq. | Regulations - PA Bulletin | PA Code
Surplus Lines Law Amendments -  Act 14 of 2010 (Notice) | Act 28 of 2011
Surplus Lines Regulation Amendments - Notice | PA Bulletin

Surplus Lines Agent Applications:

Other Information:
Export List (A list of coverages generally unavailable in the authorized market)