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The days following an event, like looting, vandalism or riots, can be overwhelming and stressful.  It can also be confusing when it comes to understanding your insurance coverage.  The following information is intended to help you understand what coverages may be available to you under the insurance policies for your business.  

Business Property/Commercial Insurance:

This coverage typically covers costs for damage to your building and contents resulting from a covered loss (peril) like fire, looting, vandalism, or riots. Each insurance policy can be different in relation to what is covered and what may not be covered.  Policy limits and deductibles will most likely apply when using this coverage for repairs.  If you have specific questions about your insurance policy, you should call your agent or insurance company. 

Glass Coverage: 

Many business property policies cover glass breakage. However, some insurance companies require that glass coverage, such as plate glass insurance, be added to the policy as a separate coverage for an additional premium. 

Business Interruption Insurance (or Business Income Insurance):

Business interruption insurance typically covers a company's lost income during a "period of restoration" that must be caused by a "covered cause of loss", like a fire.  This "covered cause of loss" is usually related to the damage of the property. The business interruption coverage should pay the lost income until the damage can be repaired and the business is restored.

Business interruption can also cover payroll, payroll related expenses and other normal operating expenses.  

Because business interruption insurance can be different for each business, you should speak to your agent or company for more information.

Civil authority coverage:

Business interruption insurance typically includes civil authority coverage.  Civil authority insurance covers income lost if the businesses is forced to limit hours or suspend operations due to a covered peril such as rioting, vandalism, or civil commotion.  This coverage may have a policy limit and may be covered after an initial waiting period. 

General Liability Insurance:

Sometimes called commercial general liability (CGL), this coverage protects you if someone is hurt at your business and you are found liable.  This coverage may help pay for the injured party's medical expenses and legal costs if taken to court.  This coverage is also subject to a policy limit.

Commercial Auto Insurance (Business Auto Insurance):

Damage to vehicles due to a riot or civil commotion is covered under the Comprehensive portion of the commercial auto policy. This is an optional coverage in Pennsylvania.  If you have specific questions about your insurance policy, or you are unsure if you have comprehensive coverage, you should call your agent or insurance company.

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