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Auto insurance is mandatory in Pennsylvania. The good news is that rates filed by auto insurers since auto insurance reform was enacted in 1990 have risen at less than half the cost of living. Of course, individual premiums will vary according to your circumstances like the value of your car, how much you drive, whether young drivers are on your policy, etc.

Pennsylvania boasts a competitive auto insurance marketplace with more than 200 companies writing auto coverage. This provides consumers with many options and helps keep prices in check.

Mature drivers can also get a break. Pennsylvania law requires a premium reduction of at least five percent for each vehicle on a private passenger automobile policy under which all named policyholders are 55 years of age or older if they have successfully completed a driver improvement course that meets the standards set by PennDOT.  A list of PennDOT-approved mature driver courses is available through their website

For more information on auto insurance in general, visit the Coverage section of our website.