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Health Insurance Literacy

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department has a number of resources to help you choose the right plan and understand your health insurance coverages and rights.


    • Health Insurance Glossary (PDF) - Are there terms you've come across while trying to understand your insurance that you don't know? We have a glossary of health insurance terms that may be able to help.
    • Locate an Insurance Professional - Do you need in-person assistance with shopping for a health insurance plan that's right for you? We can help you find an insurance professional who can help.

Information About Specific Coverages

    • 3D Mammography Coverage - Under the existing state mammogram law (40 P.S. § 764c) 3D mammograms, also known as digital breast tomosynthesis, must be covered at no cost to women in the same manner as traditional two-dimensional mammograms.
    • Act 62: Autism Insurance Act – Act 62 is a statewide insurance mandate specific to services provided to children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
    • Parity for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorder – Parity means health insurance companies are required by law to provide you with the same level of health insurance coverage for mental health and substance abuse disorder treatment as you would have for medical/surgical services.

Video Library

These videos will help you learn about the different types of health insurance when to purchase health insurance, important things to look for, and what to do when you need to use it.

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