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Fingerprinting Information

In conjunction with filing your application for licensure as a new resident insurance producer, resident public adjuster, or resident/non-resident title agent, you must submit fingerprints via Live Scan at an IdentoGO enrollment center.

The Insurance Department uses this information to receive national criminal history background information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). 

How To Get Started

Register with IdentoGO
All applicants must register with IndetoGO. This can be done:

  • Online: IdentoGO website
  • By Phone: 844-321-2101 Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6 pm EST.  

Following registration, the applicant will be provided with a registration number which they will take with them when they go to the IdentoGO site for fingerprinting.

Applicants must be registered with IdentoGO prior to arriving at a fingerprinting site.  When registering online an applicant must use the appropriate service code assigned to the Insurance Department, which is 1KGBGJ.  Using the correct service code ensures the background check is processed for the correct agency and submitted for the correct purpose.

Payment for the fingerprinting fee is made at the IdentoGO center after the applicant's fingerprints have been submitted.  Credit card, debit card, certified check or money order, are the only payment methods accepted.  No cash transactions or personal checks will be accepted.

As a reminder, individuals should not register for a fingerprinting appointment and submit their fingerprints until after they have passed any examination requirements and applied for licensure.  Any fingerprint results received without a corresponding license application will not be accepted, and individuals will be required to repay the fingerprinting fee and resubmit their fingerprints at an IdentoGO center.

Individual applicants requiring fingerprinting:

  • New resident insurance producer applicants
  • New resident limited line producer applicants
  • New resident and non-resident title agent applicants
  • New resident public adjuster applicants
  • New non-resident insurance producer applicants NOT applying under reciprocity provisions of Act 147 of 2002 

Fingerprinting is NOT required for the following applicants

  • Non-resident insurance producer and limited line producer applicants applying under reciprocity provisions of Act 147 of 2002
  • Resident producer applicants adding a line of authority to their existing resident producer license
  • Motor vehicle physical damage appraiser applicants
  • Surplus lines applicants
  • Viatical settlement broker applicants