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Request Appointment Billing Detail Report

The appointment billing detail report is stored in Microsoft Excel 5.0 format (Excel Assistance). To conserve download time and storage space, the file was compressed into a self-extracting ZIP archive. For those organizations that do not use Microsoft Windows or do not allow executable files to be downloaded from the internet, a regular ZIP archive also is available. Select the report in the desired file format from the links below. Help is available to manage zip files.
You will be presented with a login form asking for a username and password. Your company's NAIC five-digit company code is your username, and your password is the detail id number on the printed invoice that was emailed to you. Your username and password will remain valid until you close all browser windows. Should you need to request reports for multiple companies, the browser must be completely closed between requests to reset the username and password.

You will be presented with a web page indicating a web address from which to download the appointment billing report in the selected format. This web address is a temporary link to the file and must be accessed the day the billing report is downloaded, as the web address will expire at midnight. After midnight, the web address will expire and a new request will have to be initiated starting at this page.

When you click on the provided link, the server will initiate the download of the report to your computer. For security reasons, the name of the report as it is stored on the server is a random collection of letters and numbers. Most web browsers will present a dialog box asking for the name under which the report is to be saved. It is in your best interest to save the report under a name that has some meaning to you such as or appointmentdetail.2021.exe

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