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Emergency MVPDA Registration

To facilitate the settlement of auto claims resulting from a catastrophe or an emergency weather event, a Pennsylvania-authorized insurance company may temporarily utilize an individual not licensed as a Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Appraiser (MVPDA) in Pennsylvania, but otherwise qualified to appraise vehicle damage if registered with the Pennsylvania Insurance Department (PID) as set forth below.

When Can an Emergency Appraiser be Requested?

An emergency MVPDA registration is only permitted following a Proclamation of Disaster Emergency by the Governor of Pennsylvania or unless otherwise approved by the Department following an event that the Department believes will result in an extraordinary increase in claims volume.  Upon a Proclamation of Disaster Emergency by the Governor or approval by the Department, MVPDAs may conduct appraisals pursuant to this notice. 

Who is Eligible?

Emergency MVPDAs must be sponsored by an insurance company and registered with the PID by an authorized representative of an insurance company. 

How to Register

To register catastrophe MVPDAs, the insurance company must complete the Catastrophe MVPDA Registration Spreadsheet.  Once the spreadsheet is complete, please email it to

Important Information Before You Apply

  • If the individual's home state does not require licensing and s/he does not hold an active motor vehicle physical damage appraiser's license in any other state, the insurance company must attest that the individual has a minimum of three (3) years of experience as an MVPDA Adjuster/Appraiser. 
  • If the individual is licensed in another state to adjust claims, the minimum of three (3) years of experience as an MVPDA Adjuster/Appraiser does not apply.
  • Please do not include currently licensed resident or non-resident Pennsylvania motor vehicle physical damage appraisers. They do not need additional approval to adjust catastrophe claims.
  • There are no fees to receive emergency MVPDA status.

Approval Process

Once a Proclamation of Disaster Emergency by the Governor of Pennsylvania is declared or upon approval by the Department, the MVPDA is deemed approved.  

The company must complete the emergency MVPDA registration request form within five (5) days of the individual beginning appraisal activities. 

Each approval is valid for 90 days from the submission date. All extensions must be requested, by email to the Department at