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Date Of Liquidation:

• March 1, 2017

Type Of Business Sold:

• Mostly Long Term Care Insurance along with Disability Income, Medicare Supplements and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverages

States Where Licensed:
• The District of Columbia and All States except; Connecticut, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, & West Virginia

Liquidation Documents:

Additional Pennsylvania Consumer Information (NEW)

Address Change Form

Proof Of Claim Form And Instructions For Submitting

Notice Of Liquidation And Proof Of Claim Process

Order Granting Application For Relief 

• Press Release

• Order Of Liquidation

• Insurance Commissioner's Statement

Penn Treaty Insurance Company and American Network Insurance Company are affiliated companies that went into liquidation on the same day. Both Penn Treaty and American Network court filings can be found on Penn Treaty's Website

Contact Information:

Policyholders with questions about policies, claims, or related to liquidation should call Policyholder Services  at 1-800-362-0700.   Claim submissions should continue to be sent to:  Penn Treaty, P.O. Box 7066, Allentown, PA  18105-7066.