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Quaker City Insurance Company

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Date of Liquidation: October 1, 1997
Filing Deadline: October 1, 1998
States Where Licensed:

Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland,NewJersey,Pennsylvania,Virginia, WestVirginia

Type of Business Sold: Personal & Commercial Auto Liability, Physical Damage

All active policies (other than those for New Jersey residents and those of a commercial nature) were purchased on the date of liquidation by:

Newark Insurance Co. (A Robert Plan Corp. affiliate)
P.O. Box 13607
Philadelphia, PA 19101
Telephone No.: (516) 576-3400

The appropriate guaranty associations are processing outstanding claims up to the limits allowed in the appropriate guaranty association law, which occurred prior to the liquidation date or within 30 days thereafter as approved. All coverage for New Jersey and commercial policies was cancelled on normal expiration dates or 30 days from the date of liquidation, whichever was earliest. Any claims not covered by the guaranty associations have been filed against the estate. Once the estate has been finalized, claims will be paid to the extent funds are available to do so.

The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania issued an Order of Discharge and Distribution for this estate on February 2, 2007.​