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Date Of Rehabilitation: 
• January 29, 2020

Types Of Business Sold:
•Mostly Long-Term Care Insurance and Home Health Care Insurance along with a limited number of other health insurance products.

States Where Licensed: 
• All States except CT, NY, RI, VT

Rehabilitation Documents:
General Frequently Asked Questions (NEW)
Policyholder Frequently Asked Questions (NEW)

Agent & Broker Frequently Asked Questions (NEW)

Other Creditors Frequently Asked Questions (NEW)

 Certificate Of Service
 Entry Of Appearance
Certificate Of Service
Entry Of Appearance
• Order Of Rehabilitation

Policyholders with questions about policies and or claims should call Client Services at 1-877-450-5824.

Claim submissions should continue to be sent to:

Senior Health Insurance Company Of Pennsylvania
P.O. Box 64913
St. Paul, MN 55164

You can also submit questions/concerns to the Rehabilitator at: