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Date Of Rehabilitation: January 29, 2020

Types Of Business Sold: Mostly Long-Term Care Insurance and Home Health Care Insurance along with a limited number of other health insurance products.

States Where Licensed: All States except CT, NY, RI, VT

Selected Rehabilitation Documents: For full access to all Court Documents related to SHIP's rehabilitation, please go to:

Documents & Resources

Court Order - Pre-hearing conference cancelled October 20, 2020
Case Management Order for Comments and Hearing on the Proposed Plan Rehabilitation 
Notice of Application for Approval of the Plan of Rehabilitation 
Application for Approval of Form and Distribution of Notice
Application for Approval of the Plan of Rehabilitation
Proposed Plan of Rehabilitation
General Frequently Asked Questions
Policyholder Frequently Asked Questions
Agent & Broker Frequently Asked Questions
Other Creditors Frequently Asked Questions
Certificate Of Service
Entry Of Appearance
Certificate Of Service
Entry Of Appearance
Order Of Rehabilitation


Policyholders with questions about policies and or claims should call Client Services at 1-877-450-5824.

Claim submissions should continue to be sent to:

Senior Health Insurance Company Of Pennsylvania
P.O. Box 64913
St. Paul, MN 55164

You can also submit questions/concerns to the Rehabilitator at: