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​Special Funds

Catastrophic Loss Benefits Continuation Fund (CAT FUND) - CAT Fund continues benefits for medical treatment and rehabilitative services previously provided by the Catastrophic Loss Trust Fund.  Except for workers' compensation, the CAT Fund is the primary payor for eligible claimants and coordinates benefits with health and other insurance carriers.  

Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error Fund (MCARE) - MCARE - Special fund within the State Treasury established, among other things, to ensure reasonable compensation for persons injured due to medical negligence. Money in the fund is used to pay claims against participating health care providers and eligible entities for losses or damages awarded in medical professional liability actions in excess of basic insurance coverage ("primary coverage’) provided by primary professional liability insurance companies ("primary carriers") or self-insurers. 

Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Fund (USTIF) - USTIF provides for a cleaner Commonwealth by administering a fiscally responsible program to reimburse eligible participants for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred from releases into the environment.

Workers' Compensation Security Fund (Security Fund) - The Security Fund serves as a guaranty fund to provide claim payments for those workers entitled to Pennsylvania workers' compensation benefits and Long Shore and Harbor Workers' compensation benefits in certain circumstances when the insurance company originally providing coverage is placed into liquidation by a court in their state of domicile.