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After you have passed your exam, you are now eligible to apply for your resident insurance producer insurance license.  


With the implementation of Act 147 of 2002 that was effective June 4, 2003  some of the barriers to filing an application for an insurance producer license have been removed.  An applicant no longer needs an insurance company endorsement or notary seal on the application; therefore, we encourage you to file electronically through the State Insurance Regulatory Connection (Sircon). You should apply electronically through Sircon  to expedite the licensing process.   You will be given the opportunity to submit an electronic application at the testing center.    During the electronic application process, you will also pay the fingerprinting fee which will enable you to submit your fingerprints before leaving the exam testing center.   You must provide a copy of your passing producer exam score and confirmation of payment of all fees in order to be fingerprinted.

The option to apply using a paper application is still available only if you are unable to apply online.  Be advised that the paper licensing process will take considerably longer than the electronic method.  If you must apply via paper, an application can be obtained from our web site at applications and forms. You will need to include the application fee and fingerprinting fee with your application ($55.00 application fee and $25.00 fingerprinting fee for a total of $80.00) along with any attachments (convictions, court documents) required depending on your specific situation. After we receive your application and the correct fee(s), we will mail you a receipt for the $25.00 fingerprinting fee.  You will then have to set up an appointment with PSI to submit your fingerprints.   You must take the receipt showing you paid the $25.00 fingerprinting fee and a copy of your passing producer exam score with you to the PSI center in order to be fingerprinted.

For situations where an examination is not required (limited lines producer license, change of home state provision or the holding of a professional designation such as CIC, CPCU or CLU), we recommend that you apply electronically through Sircon  to expedite the licensing process. You must then contact PSI to schedule a fingerprinting appointment.   You must take the online confirmation page from Sircon and, if applicable, documentation showing you are exempt from the examination (i.e. proof of professional designation or copy of clearance letter from prior home state) with you to the PSI center in order to be fingerprinted.  


The Pennsylvania Insurance Department can accept applications for a non-resident insurance producer license through Sircon or the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) gateway. 




There are different requirements below for being licensed as a resident or a non-resident business entity:

  • Resident Business Entities - All resident business entities must obtain name approval from the Pennsylvania Insurance Department and then register with the Pennsylvania Department of State.
  • Non-Resident Business Entities - For non-resident business entities, the business entity name will be reviewed upon application submission.  Registration with the Pennsylvania Department of State may be required.  Instructions will be sent upon issuance of the license. 



Applicants for all license types can apply online through Sircon 







Now that you are licensed there are requirements that you need to maintain your license.