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The following are the public documents filed in connection with the application and request by Cigna Corporation, a Delaware corporation, and Halfmoon Parent, Inc., a Delaware corporation wholly-owned by Cigna Corporation, to acquire control of Medco Containment Life Insurance Company, a Pennsylvania domiciled life insurance company and indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Express Scripts Holding Company, Inc. 

How to Submit a Public Comment - Individuals wishing to comment on the filing on the ground of public or private interest in the filing are invited to submit a written statement on the filing to the department. Written statements must include the name, address and telephone number of the person making the statement, identification of the application to which the statement is addressed and a concise statement with sufficient details and relevant facts to inform the department of the exact basis of the statement. Written statements should be directed to Cressinda Bybee, Company Licensing Division, Pennsylvania Insurance Department, 1345 Strawberry Square, Harrisburg, PA 17120, fax (717) 787-8557,

Comments received will be part of the public record regarding the filing and will be made available on the Insurance Department's website. Additionally, copies of the comments received will be forwarded to the applicant for appropriate response. The applicant's response will also be made available on the Insurance Department's website.
​PA Form A Index
002 ​Cover Letter
003 ​Filing Fee
004 ​Form A - Executed
005 ​Exhibit A - Merger Agreement
006 ​Exhibit B - Transactiion Steps Diagram
007 ​Exhibit C1 - Cigna's 8-K filed 3/8/18
008 ​Exhibit C2 - Cigna's 8-K, filed 3/13/18
009 ​Exhibit D - Cigna's Form 10-K (2013-2017)
010 ​Exhibit E1 - Pre-Closing Org Chart
011 ​Exhibit E2 - Post-Closing Org Chart
012 ​Exhibit F1 - Redacted Biographical Affidavits
013 ​Exhibit F2 - Biographical Affidavits
014 ​Exhibit F3 - Applicants' Directors & Exec Officers
015 ​Exhibit G1 - Bridge Facility Commitment Ltr
016 ​Exhibit G2 - Cigna's 8-K filed 4/12/18
017 ​Exhibit H - Five Year Projections
018 ​Exhibit I1 - Pre & Post Close Directors & Officers Cigna Surv
019 ​Exhibit I2 - Pre & Post Close Dirirectors & Officers Expr Surv
020 ​Exhibit I3 - Pre & Post Close Dirrectors & Officers of Holdco
021 ​Exhibit J - Cigna's Annual Report to Shareholders
022 ​Exhibit K - Before & After Balance Sheet
023 ​Exhibit L - Domestic Insurer's Latest RBC
024 ​Exhibit M - Competitive Impact Statement
032 ​Cover Letter to Electronic Copy of Public Record
034 ​Notice of Public Comment Period
035 ​Exhibit F1 Supplement - Redacted Biographicals
038 ​Department Letter to Applicant Requesting Additional Information 
039 ​Supplement Materials (Bios, 8-K, Amendment 1 to Agreement and Plan of Merger) 
041 ​Proxy Statement
042 ​Applicant Response to Department 7/11/18 Letter
044 ​Department Email to Applicant Requesting Additional Information
045 ​Response to Department Information Request
​Redacted Biographical Affidavits
​Applicant Supplemental Response to Department 7/11/18 Letter
​Applicant Notice of DOJ Decision
​Form A and Form A Exemption Approval Orders